The Mozzarella

It is a fresh, spun and soft paste cheese. White, shiny and rindless, yes
characterized by a pleasantly fibrous but soft consistency, the aroma of milk and the flavor it gives
it transmits a light sweet and sour nuance, to the scent of buffalo aromatic milk.

The Ricotta

It is a fresh and soft cheese that is obtained from the whey that derives from the process
of coagulation that precedes the production of Mozzarella, with the aroma of aromatic milk

The Treccia

It is a fresh, spun and soft paste cheese. Pearly white with one
sticky and elastic consistency. The braided surface is shiny, smooth and subtle, with the scent of milk
aromatic buffalo

The Sizzona

The Sizzona of the Antica Mozzarella di Battipaglia ®
Produced only and exclusively by reservation is the Giant Format of Mozzarella
made with buffalo milk. From which our expert cheesemakers (during the rigorously handmade phase) obtain according to the old rite of the edition a “nipple” shaped appendix.
With the aromatic scent of Buffalo milk, it is a pleasure for everyone to see and taste.

La Burrata

It is a wrapping of spun paste that contains a heart of cream and stracciatella di
Hoax . It has a sack shape, which externally resembles very much the mozzarella from which
however it stands out. In a nutshell the buffalo burrata is a wrapping of pasta filata that
it contains a heart of cream and stracciatella, with the aroma of buffalo milk.

The Affumicata

It is the buffalo milk mozzarella in its smoked variant.
Smoking is carried out as per tradition: the smoke of natural wheat straw gives a
this product has a rustic, energetic, wild flavor, with the aroma of buffalo milk.
“Quella vera, quella di sempre, quella della tradizione…”
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