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The buffalo leather rug* is in its genre a unique product signed Antica Mozzarella di Battipaglia®. A unique and exclusive design object.
Treated with natural products, the Buffalo Leather Rug**, gives your environment an elegant touch with a unique style.

Available colors:

  • Black
  • Light brown
  • Dark brown
    To be cleaned with plain water, without the use of products.

Each rug is unique, contact us for all info!

Besides as a rug, you can hang it on the wall! Ideal as a gift idea!

*Product by reservation.

Click here and find out how to contact us to request all information CONTACTS
Delivery time will be communicated at the time of order based on stock availability.

**Because it is natural buffalo leather, the size of the rug is always unique and different.

Measures approximately: 2m x 2m

“The real one, the old one, the traditional one …”
Via S.Statale 18 n° 126, 84091 - Battipaglia (SA)
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